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Mathilda's work focuses on creating projects and campaigns that transition us to a sustainable, fair, and just society.


She is the founder of Conversations From Calais, a global poster project aiming to re-humanise the refugee crisis, and recently published her first book Conversations From Calais: Sharing Refugee Stories.

She is currently working as the UK Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry's leading their campaigns defending refugee and asylum seeker rights in the UK.


Selected Press:

The Bookseller - Welbeck to publish ‘poignant’ Conversations from Calais

Eco-age - 'A Crisis of Empathy’: Mathilda Della Torre’s Conversations From Calais

Vice - In Case You Needed Reminding: Refugees are people, not statistics

The Guardian - Conversations from Calais: the posters sharing migrant voices with the world

For Creative Girls - Using Design To Tackle Social Inequalities: Meet Designer & Artist, Mathilda Della Torre

The Canary - A powerful new project re-humanises those affected by the refugee crisis

Scene Arabia - "You said they didn't care whether you died of Corona or hunger, they just wanted you dead"

Brick Brewery - New Collaborative Beer: Buraz

The Indian Express - London graphic designer hopes to provide new art perspective to students in Chandigarh

The Tribune - French Illustrator Mathilda explores the idea of India

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