Mathilda is a French/Italian graphic designer and illustrator. Her practice is led by listening to historically marginalized voices, communicating unheard human stories and giving people solutions to create the change they want to see in the world.


She is currently working at PIE Factory, home of the positive impact experience, developing brand activations that help shape a better world. She co-founded

On The Mend, a design studio that targets healthcare inequalities by tailoring medical information to different communities.


She also created Conversations From Calais, a project documenting conversations between volunteers and migrants in Calais and pasting them on our cities’ walls.


Selected Press:

Eco-age - 'A Crisis of Empathy’: Mathilda Della Torre’s Conversations From Calais

Vice - In Case You Needed Reminding: Refugees are people, not statistics

The Guardian - Conversations from Calais: the posters sharing migrant voices with the world

For Creative Girls - Using Design To Tackle Social Inequalities: Meet Designer & Artist, Mathilda Della Torre

The Canary - A powerful new project re-humanises those affected by the refugee crisis

Scene Arabia - "You said they didn't care whether you died of Corona or hunger, they just wanted you dead"

Brick Brewery - New Collaborative Beer: Buraz

The Indian Express - London graphic designer hopes to provide new art perspective to students in Chandigarh

The Tribune - French Illustrator Mathilda explores the idea of India

Selected Exhibitions:


'India Through My Eyes, Your Eyes, Our Eyes' - Bow Arts Row Lab

Now What Collective Show - Menier Gallery

Mathilda Della Torre Solo Exhibition - Pépin La Lune